Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Move

Moving company Moving is always an daunting prospect, between organizing and packing everything up, scheduling movers or a truck, unpacking and all the little hiccups that can come up along the way. One of the factors that also play into planning your move is the season, especially if you have some flexibility in your relocation. If possible, take into account the seasons, and look at making your move during the summer months.

School’s out for summer

One key advantage to summer is that schools are typically in recess, meaning that you won’t have to uproot your children during the school year. This gives kids an opportunity to gear up for a move, including getting ready for the transition, saying goodbye to friends, packing up their own room and favorite belongings. It also gives you a chance to help acclimate your son or daughter to the new community and school district, including seeing their new school and possibly even starting to make new friendships in the neighborhood.

Say no to snow

If you’re moving from or to an area where cold and snow are common, making your transition during the summer months means you won’t have to carry boxes over snow banks or worry about slick roads during your travels. The cold bite of winter or the crisp airs of spring and fall also won’t travel into your home with you, making for a more comfortable experience all around. Plus, if you have an extended trip to make, cold weather can damage belongings, especially electronics and brittle items, so choosing the warmer months to move can minimize that risk.

Avoids holidays

Another plus to a summertime move is that there are fewer family holiday obligations that can complicate your schedule. With more common family get-togethers scheduled during the other seasons, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, summer offers a more open schedule to plan your move.

Utility savings

Lastly, with the warmer months come cooler bills, at least in terms of heating and electrical expenses. After spending money on all your moving expenses, you can count on some savings in utility costs if you plan your move for summer. With longer days and warmer temperatures, you’ll have less need to turn the lights on or turn up the thermostat. This can be a welcome reprieve in the wake of moving expenses, and affords you an opportunity to get a feel for your optimal energy usage before the seasons change.