Why Do You Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Record StorageWhen it comes to choosing a storage facility, what’s the single most important factor? If you care about holding onto your precious belongings, the answer is security. Whether it’s from theft, neglect, or natural catastrophe, you pay good money for your property to be protected from the outside. In most cases, a good lock, strong walls, and dependable monitoring are enough to keep you at ease.

But what if these things weren’t enough to stop what was coming for your stuff? What if the menace was able to enter through the smallest of crevices, eager to infiltrate and destroy everything in total silence, with patience lasting until the end of time? Sounds terrifying, right?

In case you haven’t figured it out, what we’re talking about is the air surrounding your storage. If you’ve ever taken a look at an old document, crinkled and wrinkled and turned yellow after years of simply existing, you’ve seen the toll that time can have on what is otherwise assumed to be safe from harm. Similarly, an old piece of furniture might experience a shift, after which a door or drawer no longer closes properly.

These are the effects that climate can have on inanimate objects of all types. Extreme heat or cold—and especially the changes between the two—can unleash a great deal of harm on sensitive objects. Wood is especially prone to cracking and warping over time. Humidity can also take a huge toll, damaging documents, artwork, photos, and even expensive electronics.

Of course, keeping the temperature and humidity steady takes energy, which will moderately raise the costs of storage. But it may save you money in the long run by protecting valuable objects like mattresses, appliances, and books, all of which are particularly susceptible to the effects of climate.

These factors are especially important in a state like Washington, where the seasonal (and often wet) weather is always a factor. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of climate controlled storage in Washington, or to inquire about whether it might help to protect your own personal items, give Crown Moving Company a call today.