Who Should You Notify When Moving to a New Address?

New AddressMoving involves many things, including notifying people about your change of address. You can go to your local post office and fill out a form to properly change your address so they know where to forward mail for a certain time period as people get used to the new address. Meanwhile, it’s up to you to inform key people of your new address so they can update their records.

Think of all the people you know personally and especially those you do business with– they’ll need to know your new mailing address in order to send you things like birthday cards…and bills. Well, you can’t avoid bills, try as you might!

You should make a list of people to send a postcard (or email or Facebook message) to telling them you’ve moved to a new address– the list should include your place of employment, bank, credit card company, veterinarian, doctor, dentist, optometrist, insurance companies (life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, etc.), related schools (your child’s school, your alma mater), and any other service providers or organizations you deal with on a regular basis. Also, let your utility companies and cable/phone/Internet providers know about your move, too.

Do you subscribe to magazines, get a regular newspaper or two, and/or like receiving certain catalogs in the mail? Let those companies know your new address.

Finally, the friends and family you like should know your new address. The ones you don’t? They don’t have to know!

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