What Can You Do To Help a Child Become Acclimated To A New City?

Moving “In life, attitude is everything.” You’ve probably heard that statement before. Isn’t it true, though? It’s especially true when it comes to moving. Going from one house to another, in a new neighborhood, whether near or far from “home,” can be a bit traumatic for anyone, whether young or old. What are some things you can do to help a child get acclimated to a new home in a new city?

Well, for starters, remember that kids look up to adults and notice everything– including their attitude. By staying positive before, during and after the big move, an adult’s positive attitude will help influence youngsters to feel good about the move, too.

It’s a good idea to give kids some choices to make at the new place so they feel like they matter. For instance, which room would they like for their bedroom? Having a boy or girl pick out the color of paint for their new room can help get that child excited about the new place. Families who paint rooms together can have a lot of fun, too.

Kids also appreciate structure and routine, so establishing the family’s daily routine quickly after moving into the new home is better than letting “anything happen at any time, no big deal.” Also, anything that the child is really familiar with, such as their favorite stuffed animal or a certain snack, is something they can cling to during an otherwise somewhat chaotic time.

Finally, a new city means new adventures and new friends. Take kids to places where other kids their age will be, such as the local park or library. Rather than feel isolated and alone, most kids, given the chance, will make new friends easily. In addition, parents and caregivers can take kids around the new city on a “scavenger hunt” or some other fun game to help everyone get an idea of where things are in relation to their new home. Kids enjoy exploring places. And if the new city has any outstanding attractions a kid would like, such as an amusement park, visits to those places can be used to brighten up their mood.