Trade Show Tips

Trade shows are a wonderful way to market your products to qualified leads, and if you want to have a successful show, you sometimes have to think outside the box. It’s not good enough to just bring a stand-up display, some brochures on a table, and have a person sit there all day looking bored or unapproachable.

Trade shows are more than just places to sell products and concepts; they are also a place where people get together and network. Before a trade show occurs, you should spend time online using Twitter and Facebook to tell people where you’ll be, when you’ll be there, and why they should stop by and see you. People always think, “What’s in it for me?” So you have to give them a reason to come visit your presentation at the trade show.

Often times, people will gravitate towards booths that are giving away free items, making it imperative you select a desirable giveaway to hand out to prospective customers.  Most booths go the route of handing out pens or other small items; however, handing out a unique item with your company or product logo can help leave a distinct impression on people who visit your booth.




Another way to grab attention is by creating an aesthetically pleasing stand.  People are very visually-oriented these days—they’ll come over to look at your exhibit if there are bright colors, splashy graphics, and movement. Live product demonstrations, showing how your products actually work in daily life, can also capture their attention.

For businesses looking for an extra edge to attract people to their booth, consider setting up some sort of a photo booth. People love to get their picture taken. You can take a digital photo of them at the trade show, with your branding behind them. Then, if you have an iPad handy, you can share it with them instantly on Facebook or other social networks. Subsequently, they will share the photo with their friends, and you have a chance of reaching thousands of more people who weren’t at the trade show.

Trade shows can be an opportune time for a business, organization or individual to “get the word out” about their products and services. If you need a place to store trade show items when they’re not in use, and/or you could use some help moving trade show items to and from the venue, consider using Crown Moving. Crown moving has built its reputation by delivering and storing items safely, and they help serve trade shows around Washington State, including Spokane and Seattle.