Tools Needed When Moving into a New Home

Moving ToolsMoving is a lot of work, and it requires several tools and supplies if you want to do it properly.

Ideally, you’ll need dollies to move furniture, hand trucks for moving boxes, and blankets to drape over certain pieces to keep them from dust and damage.

If you want the job done right, there are a lot of things to have on-hand when making a move. Padding is crucial to keeping your furniture from getting marked up, dinged or broken. Padding can be in the form of blankets, quilts, towels, rugs, or actual foam pads. You can also shrink wrap furniture in plastic to keep things like couches and chairs from getting dirty. If you’re moving a mattress, you can buy giant mattress bags to protect them from dust and dirt during the move.

Common tools you may need to use to adjust the size and configuration of certain household goods include screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, hammers and drills. These tools can also come in handy when you’re trying to get an extra-large item through an extra small door or window—you can disassemble the item into smaller pieces in order to get it out of your house.

Meanwhile, it’s a smart idea to use dollies and hand trucks to move heavy items and big boxes. They’ll take some strain off your back!

Once your items are inside a moving truck, you can use ropes and tie downs to secure your load so it doesn’t shift (and break stuff) while the moving truck is on the road.

In Washington State and Boise, Idaho, Crown Moving Company can tackle the heavy lifting and intense work required to successfully move your stuff. So, if you don’t have moving tools, don’t worry—they do, and they know how to use them well!