Tips for Preparing and Setting-up Your Trade Show Booth

Tradeshow BoothsThe planning and preparation for your trade show is just as imperative as the exhibition itself. The more effort you put in, the more likely you are to experience a greater return on investment whether it is new customers or stronger client relationships.

We have compiled a few tips and ideas on how to make your next trade show a success.

It is important to remember all the necessary displays, portables and products you will need for your trade show booth. The days leading up to the event will be a whirlwind and it will be very easy to forget an important or expensive item. It is also very common to run late the day of your trade show, leaving you minimal set-up time which could ultimately impair your booth’s success. Hiring Crown Moving Co.’s Special Transportation Systems will allow your trade show displays to be delivered safely and timely.

Focusing on the quality of your display is a great way to showcase the quality of products and services that you provide. A nicely designed set-up will provide you with a competitive advantage over similar companies who may show up to the trade show without the proper displays or organized booth. Another tip that we suggest is ensuring that your logo and brand is clearly displayed. Place your banner high enough to see and large enough to distinguish from competitors.

A very important factor that can determine the success of your trade show is packing up at the completion of the event. Refrain from packing up and putting away all trade show items until all event goers have left. Serious trade show attendees often stick around long after the crowds have dispersed and these are the folks that are more apt to become a new client. The hustle and bustle has long passed and here, you’ll be able to talk about the product free of interruptions. The end of a trade show is where strong business-client relationships are made.

If you’re curious as to how Crown Moving Co. can assist you with your next trade show or are looking for a place to store your displays until your next exhibition, please visit our contact page!