Tips for Moving in the Rain

Moving Company in SeattleRain is something you don’t want on your moving day(s), but it happens. There are several things you can to do in order to protect your stuff, yourself, and your house’s interior floors when it rains.

First, there’s the issue of keeping your stuff as dry as possible. Plastic covers and vinyl tarps come in handy, as they can be placed over wooden furniture and other items you want to shield from the rain. Mattress covers aren’t too expensive, and they do a good job of keeping your precious beds from both water and dirt—definitely get them. Also, if you have things in cardboard boxes, the water can ruin them. Either transfer your stuff into plastic containers/boxes, complete with snap-tight lids, or consider putting black garbage bags over the cardboard boxes to keep the rain out. With cardboard boxes, use packing tape to fully seal them, and lift from the bottom—it’s always better to have one or two hands supporting the bottom in case stuff wants to “surprisingly” fall out.

If you’re able to park the moving truck as close as possible to the home’s front porch/steps or garage, do that to minimize the amount of rain your stuff will be exposed to.

Rain and flip-flops don’t mix well. Wear comfortable shoes or boots that have decent traction underneath to avoid slipping and falling on water-covered sidewalks, driveways and ramps. When the temperature is at freezing or below, it’s a good idea to put down rock-salt/ice melting solution on the path people are using to move things to the truck.

Take paper towels or older bath/kitchen towels, and designate someone to regularly wipe down anything you want less wet, from the truck ramp to people’s coats.

Rain water isn’t so terrible on the ground, but when it mixes with dirt, people get very nervous because movers could—and can—track dirt into a home’s floors and onto carpets. A solution for that includes taking old pieces of scrap cardboard or cut-up old pieces of carpet to make a main path from rooms in the home, through the front door/garage, and up into the truck. Better yet, if the forecast calls for rain, and you have room to move the majority of your items into one or two key rooms close to the front door—or into the garage—the day(s) before the “big move,” do that to keep dirt off the rugs and floors as much as possible.

Crown Moving Company will be prepared to safely move your belongings to your new home or office, whether it’s rain or sunshine outdoors.  On rainy days, we prepare ahead of time and take extra precaution in protecting your home from the elements.  For example, entryways and floors are covered and protected with carpet and floor protection before being walked on.  In addition, items carried to or from the moving van are covered and protected from the rain to ensure there is no chance of damage, or even worse, an opportunity for mold to grow in the future.

It’s essential that all items be kept dry and safe throughout the moving process.  By choosing to go with a professional mover, rain will not be something you have to worry about come moving day.