Tips for Moving During Winter

Moving in WinterMoving is said to be one of the most challenging and stressful life activities. Many people would rather attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro than move from one house to another. The packing, planning, and travel, can be a bit daunting, and we all know how difficult it is to find help during these times. It’s tough enough to find willing participants; it’s even more difficult to make sure everyone’s schedule aligns with yours.

However, as challenging as the move may be, it is exciting to purchase a new home or rent a new apartment, and become settled in your new abode. That said, moving when it’s warm and clear is tough enough, but having to move during the winter can be twice as difficult. The chance of snow, ice, and bitter cold temperatures add to the stress of the whole event, and travel can be greatly affected.

If you have the challenge of moving during the winter months, here are some tips that can simplify the moving process.

Hire a Professional Moving CompanyHiring professional movers are the best way to take the stress out of a winter move. Many people fear the cost before even speaking to a moving company, even though the cost often isn’t prohibitive. Yes, you will pay a professional mover more than you will pay your friends, but there is no comparison. Your friends are not professionals; they will be late, not show up, not have the proper vehicles, and may ultimately break things by incorrectly moving items. Professional movers are prepared for every challenge. They have the right organizational skills, and the proper equipment to do the job safely, and in a timely manner. Professional movers save you a lot of time and effort, and they prevent you from suffering through a prolonged headache.

Check the Forecast – Watch the weather reports for the days surrounding your moving date. Even if you have to change your moving date ahead a day or two, it will be worth it if better skies are ahead.

Don’t Pack Your Winter Supplies – It’s a good idea to keep your winter supplies available to you, such as your shovel, snow boots, weatherproof clothing, and cat litter and rock salt for melting ice and moving stuck car tires out of ice and snow.

Dress in Layers – Protect yourself from the cold weather by dressing in layers and staying warm. If you are properly dressed, you can get your tasks done more comfortably.  It is difficult to get through moving when you’re cold, wet, and uncomfortable.

If you have pets, you may want to leave them with a friend or board them in a pet hotel or animal care facility until the move is over. It may be fun to have pets running around in warm weather, but moving in cold weather with pets just adds another layer of stress to your move. Although there are many ways to alleviate the angst of a wintertime move, again, the best way to avoid most of it is to hire a professional moving team to pack and move your items for you.  It will be a prudent decision, and it will surely keep your blood pressure down!