Settling in and Making Friends after a Long Distance Move

Finding Friends in a New CitySince some states have more career opportunities than others, it’s likely that a great job opportunity will take you to new ventures far away from home. Leaving your comfort zone can often be a good thing, especially if it’s your shot to do something you are truly passionate about.  However, it could be a difficult endeavor if you are having trouble finding a new group of friends.

Being sociable is a natural part of life; even those who like to be alone still need communication and interaction with others (think of Tom Hanks in Cast Away). Unless you want to strangely become close friends with volleyball, you’ll have to put yourself out there and make a few friends.

Making friends can’t simply happen overnight, so you want to find ways to interact during the interim. Network online, read books, or pick up a second job to keep yourself busy.

Ways to meet people in a new city:

  • Start with the obvious; meet your neighbors. Going the extra step to make food will go a long way. Introduce yourself and learn about the neighborhood.
  • Pursue your normal interests. If there are local clubs for something you enthuse about, join one. Meeting people with common interests will help you make friends and find things to do.
  • Find newcomers information online. There are forums and Facebook groups for people who are new to a city. You can always see what’s going on with other transplants as well.

Once you’ve made a few friends and met some co-workers, host a housewarming party. Celebrate the fact that you now belong, and that you are loving the environment of your new living arrangements.