Seattle Housing Market Success Continues

 Seattle Housing Market Success Continues If you are considering moving to Seattle in the near future, you’re not alone. Many people are beginning to settle down in Seattle.

The Seattle housing market is continuing to see a tremendous amount of interested buyers month after month.

With 2017 approaching, Seattle is currently ranking fourth in the top potential housing markets, according to the report done by Emerging Trends in Real Estate.

The growing market in Seattle has resulted in higher prices but people seem to be purchasing homes regardless.

Over 67 percent of the homes for sale in Seattle over the last year were purchased and under contract within two weeks of being listed.

Recent reports indicated that the Seattle market will likely continue to succeed for the next year, and has been gradually improving for some time.

The growth of the housing market is being largely attributed to the technology industry growing rapidly in Seattle. Wages at technology companies in Seattle are extremely competitive, enticing many prospective employees to relocate to Seattle in search of a position.

Many of the people searching for jobs are in technology have a coveted skill set, resulting in a high salary that can afford expensive homes.

Another contributor to the success of the housing market in Seattle has been due to the population growth Seattle has experienced. More and more people are choosing to reside in the Seattle metro, and currently the metro population is at 3 million residents.

Due to the surplus of jobs and increased income potential, the population in Seattle continues to get larger.

More families and singles are demanding homes as more people move to Seattle permanently.

If you are considering relocating to Seattle, you should be aware of how “in demand” Seattle real estate is. You should take action as soon as possible because houses in Seattle are being purchased quickly.

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