Prepare Your Child for a Move

Moving can be bittersweet, bringing both excitement and nervousness. TPrepare Your Child for a Movehat range of emotion is multiplied when a child is involved. Children are creatures of habit and do best with routines, so shaking things up by uprooting them can be traumatic, but there are some easy ways you can make this change easier on them and help them see the positive.


It’s important to share the news of a move or potential move with your child as soon as possible. This will help them process the information. They are sure to have a lot of questions. Be honest and thorough.


Include your child in the search for your next home. Encourage them to participate in the process as this will be their new home, too. By being involved from the start, the child will not only feel more included, but also regain a sense of control in the situation.


To make the transition easier, you should also help preserve the memories of their old life. Photos are a helpful way to keep the memories alive. You can also help them stay in touch with close friends by exchanging contact information.


Don’t forget there’s a lot of exciting things that come with a move that you can prepare your children for too such as a new room, a new school, new friends and a new neighborhood. Try to keep things positive and focus on the opportunities that await them in their new home.


Ultimately, it’s important that you are patient with your child. Moving can be scary. While your child processes and deals with this change, they may act out or react negatively. Validate those feelings and work to move past it.

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