Moving To Boise, Idaho Is a Growing Trend

Boise, IdahoWhen you think of coolness or something that’s hip, chances are you think of Brooklyn or Hollywood. Maybe if you think a little deeper, you’ll put Portland or Seattle on the list. Let us not even get into those cosmopolitan capitals of Europe. By cool or hip, we of course are referring to things like a bustling music scene, a good amount of art galleries, craft beer, etc. But coolness or hipness is something that’s subjective; there’s a little bit of that in every state, including Idaho, which is why The Huffington Post thought it important to list the Brooklyn of every state. We bet you’re sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the Brooklyn of Idaho must be…well, without further ado…

The verdict is in: the North End of Boise. The Huffington Post writes, “Idaho might be one of the most conservative states in the country, but walking around the North End of Boise, and just North of Boise State’s campus, you could be fooled into thinking it’s only full of hipsters. There’s plenty to keep the average youngin’ happy, including used copies of a David Foster Wallace novel at Hyde Park Books, Café Vicino for delicious Italian food, and beers from the year-old nanobrewery Cloud 9. And for a hipster with an outdoor bent, which is to say most people living in Idaho, the North End is conveniently located close to the Boise Foothills trails.”

What a description, almost as if plucked out of some epic hipster novel about Manhattan in the 50s, something Jack Kerouac would conjure up while hopped up on too much black coffee. Regardless, The Huffington Post does a very good job of making Boise (and Idaho in general) very appealing for a younger demographic. Over the past couple of years, Boise has been attracting hipsters and artists and not just because the school is located there. People are finding every inch of the city attractive – whether for the bookstores, cafes, or craft beer breweries that are popping up every second. Contact Crown Moving Company today so we can move you to Boise to live out your fantasy of coolness!