Moving Tips for Winter Months

Whether you are moving across the town, state, or country, moving is something you must plan for. If you are planning to move, you should be following the weather forecast as your moving date gets closer. The summer can be an easy time to move with warmer temperatures and relatively dry conditions. The winter can be a difficult time to move with snow and ice threatening your route. Cold temperatures are also a factor that can make a winter move more challenging. Winter moves are possible and if you plan well, winter moves can happen without a hitch.

1) Less Daylight – It is important to recognize that winter months have a lot less sunlight than the summer months. When moving day arrives, it will be important to start moving early in the morning so you can use the most sunlight the day provides. It isn’t safe to move in the dark, especially when the ground could be slippery beneath you. You should have the most light possible when moving in. The sun also makes winter months a bit warmer so it can be a little bit more bearable during the day to be outside.

2) Dress Appropriately – Clothing is such an important part of winter. Whether you are going to the store, taking a day trip, or moving into your new home, it is important to dress for the task at hand. WhenMoving3 moving in the winter, shoe choice is extremely important. You should be wearing boots with rubber soles, deep treads, and non-slip bottoms that are waterproof. You should be wearing layers of clothing so you can take them on or off if you feel too cold or too hot. You also don’t want to be too bulky and not be able to move when carrying boxes.

3) Clear Paths – Making sure your driveway, sidewalk, and entrances are clear of ice and snow is vital when making a winter move. Clear any path that you might need to walk across off before you start carrying boxes to prevent falls and slips. Put salt or sand on any sidewalks to break apart any ice that might be there, even if you don’t think it’s much. Shovel any snow accumulation out of your path as well. Make sure you can easily access any path that you might need to use.

4) Pack an Emergency Kit – It is important to have a stock of winter supplies in your car. In case the weather worsened and you couldn’t make it to the house as you planned, you’ll need supplies to get you through. Having things such as a windshield scraper, mittens, hats, and blankets, are vital. Don’t pack all of these things into a moving van that you can’t access. Bring water, snacks, and extra gas just as a precaution. Make sure you watch the weather for any indication of severe weather threats.

5) Protect Your New home – Make sure you protect the flooring in your new home from the salt, water, and ice that will inevitably get dragged into the house. Lay down a tarp, rubber mat, or cardboard, that will protect flooring from outside elements.

Winter moves can be done with a bit of knowledge and planning. Don’t let weather stop you from moving into your dream home. Crown Moving Co., Inc. can help make a winter move happen.