Moving On Your Own Could Cause Pain

Residential MovingOh, the pain of moving. Not only does it involve way too much bending and lifting, but moving all the stuff you’ve accumulated is like running a non-stop marathon for 24 hours, sweating like a pig and wishing it were over.

There are a few things in life that can be overwhelmingly painful, such as childbirth, passing kidney stones, and moving from one home to another.

The average person is not built to move heavy pieces of furniture. If you barely exercise, sit at a desk all day, or prefer to read books in bed, moving may be detrimental to your health.

First of all, if you decide to move stuff on your own, with the help of some friends or family, what happens when you drop something heavy on your foot? You go to the hospital and can’t walk for weeks! Or, maybe you get pinned up against a wall, scrape your arm, and/or somehow manage to break your skin on a nail. Not good, huh?

Let us not forget the one thing most people deal with: bad backs. Having an aching back is the worst! You feel like you can barely walk, and the pain is just awful. Should you lift and move a heavy piece of furniture and injure your back it will be really hard to finish the move, let alone arrange stuff at the new place. Do you want to be stuck in bed during the week of the big move? No, you do not.

Of course, there are knee injuries, neck injuries, and, the all-too-common finger injuries. Moving often requires the use of tools, and if you’re not used to using tools, you could, for instance, bang your finger with a hammer to the point where it bleeds. Meanwhile, you could slip and trip on a floor or rug, banging yourself up pretty bad. Moving is like a long battle of endurance. Are you prepared to go to battle?

Please—for your own good, hire professional movers. Crown Moving Company, for instance, has moving down to a science, and operates like a well-oiled machine. With strong backs and proper lifting techniques, the movers at Crown Moving Company are ready to get your job done without you having to suffer the potential pain of moving.