Moving in Bad Weather

Moving in Bad WeatherYou’ve finally acquired your dream house, but the search took so long that it dragged on till the later months. And these are the months in the state of Washington that everyone dreads because of the unpredictable weather like the windy, cold, chilling rain. So what can you do when you are moving by yourself and can’t possibly convince anyone else to help you move, no matter how much pizza or alcoholic drinks you offer as compensation.

Answer. Use Crown Moving Company.

Bad weather can hinder anyone trying to perform anything productive in a day’s work. And when you are moving your valuables, especially larger items such as appliances or furniture you want help. You want those items to be handled with the utmost care as to not let the weather destroy what you have purchased and safeguarded over the years.

Be Prepared

Decide if you want to do the packing yourself or have the packing and moving specialists at Crown Moving Co. get that done Seattle Moving Companyfor you. The quicker you can prepare for moving the easier the transition will be.

Regardless what your decision is, count on wrapping up your belongings in strong plastic wraps, or pads while moving to or from the truck. Then remove the covers or pads and make sure the items are dry. Use fresh, dry pads protect the furniture as it is loaded inside the van. We emphasize making sure the mattresses are covered and protected while moving to and from the truck as well. If they are covered in plastic, make sure the covers are dry prior to loading into the load. If they are packed in cartons, make sure they are covered so the cartons do not get wet.  if it’s a long move, you don’t want moisture to capture inside and cause mold to develop.

Point out to your movers the items you are most concerned with. They will make sure all of your items are protected against getting wet or damp.


At your dream home, you want to minimize the damage as much as possible. Mud, snow, and water are all possibilities to be moved in as well as your belongings.

The movers will make sure your floors, carpets and entry ways are fully protected with floor coverings.

If you are moving yourselves, find some rags, towels and rugs to place down on the entrances and walkways as to not let your new home come away worse for wear and you haven’t even truly moved in yet. If you lose a couple towels to moving, it won’t be as bad as if you lose your fresh new carpet.

In the end, no matter what doom and gloom might be on the weather forecast horizon, Crown Moving Company has your best interests in mind. If you are living in the Seattle, Spokane, Moses Lake, or Boise area give them a call for consultation.