Making the Big Move Easier on Your Pets

The big move is finally on the horizon. The boxes are packed, the house has been sold and your new home awaits your arrival as the last few loose ends are tied up. All of tMaking the Big Move Easier on Your Petshe family is excited for the big move except one valued member of the family: your pet.

Animals need time to adapt and process a move, just as much, if not more than their human counterparts do.

A move can be traumatic and confusing to your furry friend, but taking some necessary steps can help make the transition easier for your dog or cat to help them get comfortable in their new home.

Take a second and think about the move through your pet’s eyes. Pets thrive on routine and familiarity, so a move will definitely shake things up for them. Also, inspect your new home with that same perspective and see if any areas, like items dangling or if there are places where your pet can get out, and get it addressed before the move.

Since dogs and pets are creatures of routine, it’s important to get them back on a schedule as soon as possible to help things get back to normal.

As the move draws near, it’s important to prepare your pet for the big day. Since carriers aren’t an everyday occurrence for your pet, you’ll want to acclimate them. The same goes for car travel, especially for cats. For longer moves, you’ll want to crate train them. One extra step to help get your dog acquainted with their soon-to-be new digs is introduce them to the smell of the home and/or start walking your dog in your new neighborhood, if possible.

During the actual move, the best way to handle making sure your pets are safe and being looked after is putting the cat in a carrier or the bathroom. For dogs, it’s best to assign someone to watch him or her.

Once the move has come and gone, remember to be patient and understanding with your pet. For the first few days, it’s not uncommon for cats to go MIA as they process the new move and find places to hide in your new home.

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