How to Safely Pack Your Valuables

Packing ValuablesSome people’s idea of moving their stuff involves throwing items in boxes and garbage bags and then filling their car or truck with a whole bunch of stuff to drive to the new place. However, without proper care, valuables can easily break and that’s not good.

Items with glass or metal need special care when moving. In addition, electronics and appliances do, too.

For instance, if you’re moving your TV screen, computer and refrigerator, each item needs special attention so it doesn’t get broken during the move, right?

For electronics, it’s smart to wrap them in bubble wrap and add a “desiccant packet” or two in order to protect them from moisture. With big appliances such as fridges or stoves, clean them out before moving them and leave their doors open (at least a little bit) during the move for air circulation to avoid mold or mildew from occurring.

Metal objects tend to have sharp edges, which, if not protected, can end up ripping things they’re placed near in the car or moving truck. A good idea is to use towels or blankets to wrap metal objects, with some duct tape to keep them looking like wrapped Christmas presents. If there’s a way to bundle wrapped metal objects together so there’s little-to-no room for them to move during the bumpy ride to the new house, do that.

As for glass, if you have a particularly valuable or sentimentally important piece such as a mirror or vase, wrap it in bubble wrap with the bubbles facing outward, away from the object. They’ll act as a buffer to keep your glass safe during transport.

Should you have any special family heirlooms, grandfather clocks, or musical instruments that are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, consult a moving company to see what they say about giving extra special care to moving such precious items.

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