How to Prepare for Your Move before Closing on Your House [Infographic]

Moving into a new home is a great way to begin a new chapter of your life, but it can also be quite stressful. The transition to a new place can be a very exciting time if you are prepared and organized for the move. By following a few simple tips, the process of priming your home before you close will be a lot more manageable.

Approximately two months before you move into your new home, you should begin to clear out any accumulated junk and clutter. Put things you want to move into the new home in storage and give the rest to charity or put up for sale. Keep in mind that the less you have to bring to the new home, the better. A lot of time and money will go into you transporting excess items that you have not used and do not need.

It is important to stay organized as it will eliminate a lot of stress later on when it comes time to unpack. Try to box items by the room in which they belong. Labeling can reduce a lot of wasted time rummaging through boxes when you are settling in to your new property.

As the big move approaches, start to compile a list of companies and people you will need to notify of your address change. If your bank or pharmacy will be changing, make arrangements to do so. Making notes of services you will have to cancel will lighten your load.

Of course, you could always trust in the professionals, and hire a moving company to take care of everything, including the packing of your possessions.  Regardless, the more prepared you are, the more seamless your move will be.

Check out this great infographic, as it will help you with your final moving checklist!

Timeline and Tips for Moving

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