How to Pack and Sell Your Home

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming and stressful—especially if you’re trying to sell your old home at the same time! Everyone always talks about how staging can sell a home: buyers have to be able to picture your house with their stuff in it in order to want to mHow to Pack and Sell Your Homeake an offer. But how are buyers supposed to visualize themselves in your home with half packed boxes cluttering all the empty floor space? Here are some tips to keep your packing-while-selling under control, and stress-free.

Start Small, Stay Focused

The best way to pack while you’re also showing your home to sell is to keep the mess contained. That means you have to pack small, smart and focused. The easiest way to do this is to pack one area at a time. In the living room, work on the bookshelves first. Get two boxes ready, one for items to donate or toss, and one for items to pack. Go through each shelf, and pack everything. And don’t leave the project for tomorrow! Design Enthusiasm suggests that if you’re having an open house, wait until afterwards to work on your daily project. If you don’t finish, the mess may turn off the potential buyers who come through your home tomorrow.

Once you packed the bookshelves, move on to the entertainment center next. Keep your projects small and manageable so that you can do them between showings.

Stuff First, Furniture Last

You may be eager to get your stuff into your new home so that you can finally start to settle in. But it’s better for the potential buyers of your old home to have a little bit of furniture around to help them visualize the space. This can be especially important if you have a combo living-dining room area, with no defined lines. A buyer might think the space is too small for his table if the room is empty—it can be hard to tell. If you leave your table and your couch there to show buyers how you split the space, they’ll have an easier time understanding the room’s potential.

Clean Out Closets

Buyers are obsessed with closet space so packing your closets first can be a great idea. According to HGTV, buyers love to see a closet that’s at least half empty which gives the illusion of more space. One way to handle this is to pack half of your belongings and then pack the rest once you sell. You can also go through everything in your closets, pack up the items you definitely want to keep, and leave the items you’re willing to donate. If you do so, when your house sells, you can quickly empty the closets into a donation bin and drop them off for donation.

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