How to Help your Child Cope with a Move

Whether you are moving into a new home within your neighborhood or moving to a new community all together, the adjustment Moving to a New Homecan be quite challenging for every family member, but specifically your child. The transition process from their acquainted surroundings to the unfamiliar can have a great impact on your child emotionally and socially. For a child, their familiar surroundings provide a sense of security that is important to their overall well-being.

A child grows accustomed to their surroundings and survives well through continuity and predictability. An alteration in their traditional routines can be a frightening concept. Your child may fear having to make new friends and find it hard to feel comfortable in their new neighborhood or even their own bedroom. Here are some things that you can do to make the transition easier on your child.

Because routines and predictability is important to children, it is important that you maintain the norm as close as possible. Following these established routines will affect your child in more ways than you think. By simply keeping dinner at the same time every evening and reading their favorite bedtime story every night before bed, you are enforcing the idea that while you may have moved into a different home, their day-to-day activities have not changed.

Help your child keep in touch with their friends from their old neighborhood. Arrange play dates with their friend’s parents and encourage them to call them occasionally. Your child will find the connection very comforting. Also, urge them to make new friends. Allow your child to invite their schoolmates over for a movie or on a family trip to get ice cream. If they get the “nod of approval” from their mom or dad, they often are more relaxed at making new friends and acquaintances.

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