How to Beat the Heat When Moving in the Summertime

Moving in the SummerAre you moving this summer? What can you do to beat the heat?

Though this may sound odd, here’s a really good tip: move early in the morning. Think about it: usually the temperature gets hottest around the middle of the afternoon, so if you’re able to haul your stuff to the new place and unpack it at, say, 7 a.m. in the morning, it’s going to be cooler outside and you won’t be sweating like a pig! The sun is less intense in the morning than it is at High Noon.

It’s not unusual for summer time temperatures to surpass 90, and in some areas like Phoenix, Las Vegas and parts of California, temperatures between 110 and 120 are becoming the norm. Even if it is a “dry heat,” it’s still really, really hot.

Besides moving during the morning hours when the weather is cooler, also consider practical things such as wearing loose-fitting clothing, hats and sunglasses, as well as drinking plenty of water. You can take Ibuprofen if you get a bad headache. Wherever you can find shade, take a ten minute break to get out of the hot sun. If there’s a hose hooked up nearby, let the cool water shower you to help cool your body down. And, of course, figure out a way to spend as much time indoors in the cool A/C while others brave the heat outdoors on your behalf!

If there’s a pool nearby, take a quick dip. Even something as simple as a cold shower indoors can help cool you down.

When the air is so hot that you feel you’re going to die, schedule in some “down time” during the move so you’re not constantly on-the-go. There’s a reason “siestas” exist. A midday nap in a cool room with the shades drawn can work wonders for refreshing you for what you need to get done later that day.