How To Be Frugal When Moving

Moving is stressful enough without factoring in the cost. To make your move simple, stress free and under the budget, follow these helpful tips below provided by


For many people, moving at a moment’s notice is a reality. Packing all of your belongings into boxes seems to be the easy solution, but take note that moving companies can charge by the pound. Sort your things first and throw away stuff that won’t serve a purpose. This reduces the number of boxes to be moved and the amount of money you’ll save on movers.


Selling unwanted items can bring in extra money to put towards moving expenses. Plus, you’re eliminating more “stuff” that has to be unpacked. Or, you can donate items to a local charity or Salvation Army. You won’t be receiving money from the donation, but you’ll be contributing to a great cause.


Unidentified boxes can cause a big headache when loading up the moving truck and unpacking at the new home. A simple solution is to number each box and on a separate piece of paper, write the box number down and the specific contents inside. There might not be monetary benefits involved, but at least you’ll save your sanity.


Purchase a calendar to designate important moving dates and identify which days you should dedicate to packing various rooms. Setting moving goals and achieving them with a calendar is possible because you’ll have a tangible reminder of what needs to be done.