Home Prices Increase but Seattle Market Soars

If you are looking to buy a home in the United States, you’re likely aware that the real estate market has seen significant increases in cost in recent months. The fact that the housing market is becoming more expensive doesn’t seem to be slowing down the market in Seattle – it’s making it more desirable.

According to recent data, houses prices have raised by 5.3% since August. It is believed that these prices are due to the economic growth that the states have seen in recent months. The United States average home currently costs $189, 400 which is a significant increase from this time last year. In Seattle, the price of a home increased by over twelve percent from last year. Many people are choosing to call Seattle home, making the Seattle market a hot commodity.

Housing prices have increased in recent monSeattleths largely due to scarcity of houses available. With so many people are purchasing, homes are not available as frequently. The number of homes available in the United States for purchase has decreased in recent months by up to six percent.  Demand is also a top contributor to the increase in housing prices. The number of people looking to purchase a house has gone up in recent months. Sellers can raise their asking prices because bidding wars are inevitable and people are willing to fight for their dream home. In Seattle alone, 61.3 percent of offers made on homes in Seattle had counter-offers and competition forcing people to raise bids.

Seattle is a city that many people are purchasing homes within. Whether they are relocating to the area or they are moving within the city of Seattle, demand for homes in Seattle are continuously growing.  From the Pike Place Market to the majestic mountain views, it is a major tourist city and people are starting to make their love for Seattle permanent.

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