Don’t Forget These Four Things Before You Move

Picking your entire life up and moving it across a region, country, or ocean can be an extremely stressful process. Often times, you don’t realize until you’ve arrived at your destination that you have forgotten something. At that point, it’s usually to late to go back.

b2ap3_thumbnail_707929_STake advantage of this checklist to verify that you take care of things ahead of time, resulting in saved time and money.

1)      Pick up your dry cleaning, items left with a tailor, or repair shops. There’s nothing worse than having to go all the way back because you left your silk shirt at the cleaners and you wanted to wear in next week to work.  Also, it is very frustrating to forget an item you dropped off at a shop for repair, especially if it is an item you will need to use in the near future at your new residence.

2)      Make sure you have all of your important information. If you store your records on a personal computer, or in a filing cabinet, you most likely won’t have access to it until you unpack everything. In the event that your shipment is damaged, or you have an emergency before you are able to unpack, you need to have certain information available. This can include bank accounts, medical information, credit card information, school records, mortgage information, or anything else that you typically need on a monthly basis.

3)      Go to the post office and request to have your mail forwarded to your new address. Don’t let important letters and/or bills pile up in your mail box when you don’t even live there anymore!

4)      Make a spare set of keys! If there’s one thing you don’t want to lose, it’s your car or house keys! If you are away from your old residence, or not quite close to your new one yet, you will be really stuck if you lose your only means of entry.