Consider Having a Garage Sale Before You Move

Garage SaleMoving is one of life’s most exhausting tasks. If you’ve never moved, you don’t know that, but if you have, you know…oh, you know!

Before you decide to load a truck with your stuff to get it to the new apartment or house, consider having a garage sale. That way, you can get rid of stuff you haven’t used in years, make some money, and have less “stuff” to move.

If you’ve ever been to garage sales, there are always certain items for sale there including furniture, exercise equipment, potted plants, wicker baskets, kids’ clothing and toys, books, and lawn/garden items such as mowers and patio table sets.

Big and bulky items tend to be sold at garage sales because they’re big and bulky. Why take a heavy, old couch with you to your new place when someone else can cart if off and you’ll get $50 for it at your sale? That heavy exercise bike gathering dust in the basement? Sold for $75! The outdoor patio table, chairs and umbrella set you rarely used? Someone got a good deal paying you $100 for it.

“Clear the clutter” should be your mantra before a move to a new place. Having a garage sale is a great way to clean out a house, selling stuff you no longer want or need. Meanwhile, people who attend the sale will often be elated to find your bargains (aka ‘treasures’) and haul them away, which means you (and your movers) have a lot less to deal with on moving day. And, to top it off, a garage sale will bring in an infusion of cash– not bad, huh?

Other than garage sales, another way to simplify the moving process is to trust in professional movers to the legwork.  If you’re in Seattle, Moses Lake, Vancouver, or Spokane, WA, then consider allowing Crown Moving Company to reduce the burden of your big day through our moving services.  As well, we have a location in Boise, Idaho, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.