Cleaning Tips When Moving into a New Home

Cleaning a new homeMoving into a brand new home is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life. There’s always the temptation to sit back, relax and enjoy your new residence, but for most there’s still a lot of work to be done. Paying attention to a couple of details upon moving in will help your home appear much cleaner to your family and any housewarming guests.

Most new homeowners don’t realize that this is the one period of time they have to clean and scrub many parts of their home that will soon be covered for years. Before the furniture is all moved in and arranged, go through the rooms of your new house and scrub down the walls. A basic solution of warm water and vinegar will give you all the stain-fighting power you’ll need without greatly affecting most types of paint or wallpaper.

Now is the best time to get at and remove the carpet squares that are left behind from years of couch or table impressions upon the floor. Treating the carpet slightly can do much to remove these indentations, which could be a nuisance when trying to set up your furniture the way you want it. This article published by iVillage has some good ideas on how to get rid of these pesky carpet squares.

Make sure to clean the appliances left over from any previous owners before using them. Scrub out your oven with an oven cleaning solution, or a natural solution of baking soda and vinegar should also do the trick. You can also use the bathtub to pre-soak any appliances or large fixtures that need a heavy clean.

Any new homeowner deserves to enjoy a clean and healthy home for years to come. When you want a professional and knowledgeable home moving experience, trust Crown Moving Company to handle your belongings with care. We serve the areas of Spokane, Seattle, Boise and Moses Lake.