Choosing the Right packing Supplies

The move has been confirmed and now it’s time to start the packing! To ease some of the stress and difficulty that can come from a few tips below.

A good packing list is a great place to start. The list will help you gauge the types of packing supplies you’ll need. Purchasing quality supplies can save you time and money, so don’t cut corners there.

You can buy packing supplies at various places including moving retailers, mail service stores and office supply stores. Surfing the Internet is always an option. You may find unique packing supplies online that typical retailers don’t carry.

Another inexpensive, or no cost at all, option for acquiring boxes is to get in touch with local grocers and liquor stores. Both places have goods delivered in quality boxes and when a shipment is delivered, the boxes get disposed. Contact the managers to see if and when you can come and take the boxes.

To save on money and time, you can purchase moving and packing kits. Kits can be purchased for individual rooms or entire households. Typical kits include the following:

20 Small Moving Box

11 Medium Moving Box

10 Large Moving Box

4 X-Large Moving Box

5 Heavy Duty Box

6 Wardrobe Box

1 Electronics Box

2 Unprinted Newswrap

1 Bubble Wrap – 150 ft. Roll

1 Permanent Box Marker

7 Box Sealing Tape – Clear

Specialty boxes are available for larger and fragile items. Mirrors, china, computers and artwork are common items needing a specialty box. These boxes offer extra protection for precious and expensive items.

Equip yourselves with accessories that drastically save you time. Tape dispensers, box cutters and printable labels prove to be very helpful when packing.

Now that you have a guide for packing, it’s time to get started! Take your time organizing the items, load up on quality supplies and have fun packing up one journey and onto another!