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Tips for Moving in the Rain

Rain is something you don’t want on your moving day(s), but it happens. There are several things you can to do in order to protect your stuff, yourself, and your house’s interior floors when it rains. First, there’s the issue of keeping your stuff as dry as possible. Plastic covers and vinyl tarps come in… Read more »

Be Prepared for Moving Day

Before you make your move to a new place, it’s important to have a mental or written “final checklist” for your actual moving day. The most important thing on your checklist should be this: did you make an essentials box or bag up a couple of things you need to keep close to you during… Read more »

Things That Come In Handy On Moving Day

Relocation/moving is one of the top listed factors in a stressful life. It can be terrible trying to organize everything all at once, or at the last minute. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead! Here is a list of things you should plan to do in advance, have available, or think about prior… Read more »

A New Moving Company in Boise, Idaho

  The team at Crown Moving is proud to introduce our new location in Boise, Idaho. Whether you are a new client or you have utilized our services before, you will be happy to know that our new branch can handle any type of move just like our established locations in Seattle, Moses Lake, Vancouver… Read more »

The Importance of Finding a Reputable Moving Company

  Most people end up moving at least once in their lifetime. Moving can be one of the most tiring and stressful events you do in life. There are so many boxes of stuff to deal with, and you have to figure out what goes where and when. It’s enough to drive the average person… Read more »

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Home

  If you are in the market for a new home, it is always a smart idea to adequately prepare yourself for the process. From researching the local market to reviewing your financial situation, there are several steps you can take to make things as simple as possible. To get started, you will want to… Read more »

Don’t Forget These Four Things Before You Move

Picking your entire life up and moving it across a region, country, or ocean can be an extremely stressful process. Often times, you don’t realize until you’ve arrived at your destination that you have forgotten something. At that point, it’s usually to late to go back. Take advantage of this checklist to verify that you take… Read more »

Trade Show Tips

Trade shows are a wonderful way to market your products to qualified leads, and if you want to have a successful show, you sometimes have to think outside the box. It’s not good enough to just bring a stand-up display, some brochures on a table, and have a person sit there all day looking bored… Read more »

Finding a Place to Store Winter Items

Few things are more enjoyable than spending time in the warm spring sun, especially after endearing another long winter.  Additionally, taking your patio or front porch furniture to their rightful spots, and mowing the lawn for the first time of the new year can feel quite rewarding. However, one of the difficulties that homeowners encounter during a… Read more »

Packing Tips When Moving to a New Home

Few things are more exciting than searching for a new home, one that you envision yourself settling down and building your life in.  However, as exciting as that may be, the “actual move” can be a major headache, as you are forced to pack up all of your belongings and transport them from your old property… Read more »