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Making the Big Move Easier on Your Pets

The big move is finally on the horizon. The boxes are packed, the house has been sold and your new home awaits your arrival as the last few loose ends are tied up. All of the family is excited for the big move except one valued member of the family: your pet. Animals need time… Read more »

Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

Flowers aren’t the only things blooming this spring, so are housing sales. Springtime, in fact, is the best time to sell a home. According to a 2016 Zillow analysis, the best window to sell is Mid-March through mid-April, selling 2 percent more than the average listing as well as 15 percent faster. So, there’s no… Read more »

Why Should I Move to Seattle?

Seattle has plenty to offer any would-be resident. From world-class dining to sporting events, great concerts to scenic views, Seattle is truly a highly desirable destination for all ages. Here’s a look at some of the leading reasons to move to the Emerald City. See the sights Seattle is a coastal city, nestled between the… Read more »

Level Stress with Professional Moving Crews

Moving out and into a new place can always be a very physically and mentally taxing activity. Not only do you have to transport all of your belongings from your home to a truck, but you have to take those same items and move them back into your new place as well. This can become… Read more »

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Move

Moving is always an daunting prospect, between organizing and packing everything up, scheduling movers or a truck, unpacking and all the little hiccups that can come up along the way. One of the factors that also play into planning your move is the season, especially if you have some flexibility in your relocation. If possible,… Read more »

Why DIY Moving is Not a Smart Decision

In life, we have the choice to “do it ourselves” or “have someone else do it.” When it comes to moving, save yourself anxiety, stress, and exhaustion: hire Crown Moving Company to have them do it! It’s a lot easier to say you’re going to do the move all by yourself without any professional help… Read more »

Things YOU Should Pack For Your Move [Infographic]

There’s no question about it: moving is rarely the most enjoyable task. While the reasons behind a move are often exciting, the actual moving part can be tedious and time consuming. One solution that will save you time and massive headaches is to hire a moving company to do the bulk of the work for… Read more »

Moving in Bad Weather

You’ve finally acquired your dream house, but the search took so long that it dragged on till the later months. And these are the months in the state of Washington that everyone dreads because of the unpredictable weather like the windy, cold, chilling rain. So what can you do when you are moving by yourself… Read more »

Four Less Obvious Uses For a Professional Moving Company

When you think of reasons to hire a professional moving crew, they most likely revolve around moving a family home from one house to another. Most people don’t realize how versatile a great moving company is and how many other types of jobs they can be useful in. Here at Crown Moving Co, we specialize… Read more »

Moving On Your Own Could Cause Pain

Oh, the pain of moving. Not only does it involve way too much bending and lifting, but moving all the stuff you’ve accumulated is like running a non-stop marathon for 24 hours, sweating like a pig and wishing it were over. There are a few things in life that can be overwhelmingly painful, such as… Read more »