Category: Packing Tips

Prepare Your Child for a Move

Moving can be bittersweet, bringing both excitement and nervousness. That range of emotion is multiplied when a child is involved. Children are creatures of habit and do best with routines, so shaking things up by uprooting them can be traumatic, but there are some easy ways you can make this change easier on them and… Read more »

How to Pack and Sell Your Home

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming and stressful—especially if you’re trying to sell your old home at the same time! Everyone always talks about how staging can sell a home: buyers have to be able to picture your house with their stuff in it in order to want to make an offer. But… Read more »

Packing Your Kitchen for a Move


If you are moving in the near future, the thought of packing up your home is likely exhausting. Knowing that you have to pack every item in every room of your home is overwhelming, especially when you glance at your kitchen. From large appliances to salt and pepper shakers, our kitchens are packed with items…. Read more »

Consider Having a Garage Sale Before You Move

Moving is one of life’s most exhausting tasks. If you’ve never moved, you don’t know that, but if you have, you know…oh, you know! Before you decide to load a truck with your stuff to get it to the new apartment or house, consider having a garage sale. That way, you can get rid of… Read more »

Moving in Bad Weather

You’ve finally acquired your dream house, but the search took so long that it dragged on till the later months. And these are the months in the state of Washington that everyone dreads because of the unpredictable weather like the windy, cold, chilling rain. So what can you do when you are moving by yourself… Read more »

How to Safely Pack Your Valuables

Some people’s idea of moving their stuff involves throwing items in boxes and garbage bags and then filling their car or truck with a whole bunch of stuff to drive to the new place. However, without proper care, valuables can easily break and that’s not good. Items with glass or metal need special care when… Read more »