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Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

Flowers aren’t the only things blooming this spring, so are housing sales. Springtime, in fact, is the best time to sell a home. According to a 2016 Zillow analysis, the best window to sell is Mid-March through mid-April, selling 2 percent more than the average listing as well as 15 percent faster. So, there’s no… Read more »

Seattle Rentals Making History

The Seattle “rental market” has made the news in recent weeks for reaching record-high levels. Currently, there are almost 10,000 new apartments set to open in Seattle in the year 2017, which is twice as many as Seattle has seen in any previous year. The amount of apartments that are opening in Seattle is in… Read more »

Home Prices Increase but Seattle Market Soars

If you are looking to buy a home in the United States, you’re likely aware that the real estate market has seen significant increases in cost in recent months. The fact that the housing market is becoming more expensive doesn’t seem to be slowing down the market in Seattle – it’s making it more desirable…. Read more »

What Can You Do To Help a Child Become Acclimated To A New City?

“In life, attitude is everything.” You’ve probably heard that statement before. Isn’t it true, though? It’s especially true when it comes to moving. Going from one house to another, in a new neighborhood, whether near or far from “home,” can be a bit traumatic for anyone, whether young or old. What are some things you… Read more »

How to Keep Track of Your Possessions During a Long-Distance Move

When parents want to keep tabs on their newborn baby they often use a modern day monitoring system. And when people ship packages of importance to others, whether across town or the country or even internationally, they have the ability to “track” their package’s whereabouts online thanks to advancements in technology. Crown Moving realizes that… Read more »

Four Less Obvious Uses For a Professional Moving Company

When you think of reasons to hire a professional moving crew, they most likely revolve around moving a family home from one house to another. Most people don’t realize how versatile a great moving company is and how many other types of jobs they can be useful in. Here at Crown Moving Co, we specialize… Read more »

Moving On Your Own Could Cause Pain

Oh, the pain of moving. Not only does it involve way too much bending and lifting, but moving all the stuff you’ve accumulated is like running a non-stop marathon for 24 hours, sweating like a pig and wishing it were over. There are a few things in life that can be overwhelmingly painful, such as… Read more »

What to Do With Pets During a Long-Distance Move?

Do you have pets and plan on moving somewhere new that’s a long distance away from the place you normally call home? Since the majority of pet owners have either a dog or cat, for the purpose of this article we’ll concentrate on those two furry friends and assume they’ll be traveling many miles by… Read more »

Settling in and Making Friends after a Long Distance Move

Since some states have more career opportunities than others, it’s likely that a great job opportunity will take you to new ventures far away from home. Leaving your comfort zone can often be a good thing, especially if it’s your shot to do something you are truly passionate about.  However, it could be a difficult… Read more »