Be Prepared for Moving Day

Before you make your move to a new place, it’s important to have a mental or written “final checklist” for your actual moving day.

The most important thing on your checklist should be this: did you make an essentials box or bag up a couple of things you need to keep close to you during the actual move, such as prescription medicines and a change of clothes?  It’s vital that you have a packed-in-advance, easy-to-find box or bag full of essential things, so you won’t have to meander through a gauntlet of boxes. Don’t forget to pack some toiletries ahead of time—you’ll want to have deodorant, toothpaste, and bath towels handy when you arrive at your new place.

Next, if possible, do you have a mental or written checklist of all the items that “go” and all that “stay,” so you can convey that list to those helping you move? Perhaps you could use sticky notes to mark items that should “stay,” or make a pile in a corner of “stuff that stays.”

Have you checked and re-checked every room and closet to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind?

Did you write a note to the new occupant, indicating your name and new address so they can forward stray mail to you?

Before you leave your old place, check to make sure you’ve shut off key things like gas, electricity, and water, and be sure that the windows and doors are properly closed and locked.

Finally, if you are traveling a long distance to your new home, it is recommended your pockets have your life’s key documents in them, including your driver’s license, credit cards, and any other important paperwork you’ll need. You will want to carry your keys, wallet and cell phone with you the entire day as well.